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The Narcissist’s Parade

The Narcissist’s Parade

A Letter From The Editor

by Al Shaw Ki

ASK_E Hood Swag
Al Shaw Ki and artist/barber Ernest Hood at the Swag Shop ATL

At the fall of summer and the cooling of vibrations and temperatures, we prepare for another reality that prompts us to get serious and focus on a season of fruitful harvest.  Whether physical, spiritual  or metaphysical in form, the sun sets reflecting an inherent reminder drawn in a lavender-peach hue, that we all have work to do.

I reflect to when I moved into a new studio loft in Atlanta last fall.  In the months shortly after, I was getting used to the digs and settling in, when I discovered that my apartment was being attacked and overrun with an army of fire ants.  As I looked up at the bedroom ceiling, it was completely covered by multiple lanes of thousands of crumb snatching ants.  I must admit I was impressed by their stealth organization and commitment. They had tactfully managed to construct these incredible lanes of food transportation far from site and reach in order to feed the Queen.  Immediately after calling the exterminator and professional bug task force, I did some research into why my lair was chosen by the little fierce creatures.


According to, the ant symbolizes strength, organization, patience and perseverance.  It suggests that encountering ants refers to good things coming with time and effort. Despite their tiny size, one should consider their strength, work, diligence, and accomplishments.

Amazingly, these creatures can teach us humans about the importance of community and contribution.  Working together in a colony, these ants can achieve incredible feats.  Within the community, there is a repertory of activities and behaviors which include gathering and hunting and each ant knows its place and performs its duties with total loyalty to the whole.

In reference to our own lives and existence, it speaks to a certain vibrational state among us.  Like ants, we also operate on a very elaborate system of vibrations and intuitive senses.  Although our sense of loyalty and community are considered optional behaviors of the heart.  It’s ultimately a choice and there is an underlying sense of responsibility instilled within us all, whether solitary or collectively.

It’s not just the heart that plays a central role in the ‘subtle’ connection and communication with others and the world around us.  There’s a phenomenon known as ‘hypercommunication,’ which basically comes down to a phenomenon where individual minds connect on a ‘psychic,’ intuitive level to form a joint communication network.  This hypercommunication plays a central role in all of our lives, like it or not, for better or for worse.

Evidently, it has a huge impact on the overall ‘vibrational state’ of our ‘mind / body’-systems, and influences our health, our ability to tune into our capacity for intuitive knowing, and even our subtle connections with other people and ‘life’ in general. It actually has perceptive and ‘broadcasting’ abilities of its own.

Let’s look at the life of ants.  There is a Queen Ant that the entire colony of worker ants serves exclusively for her honor, pleasure and reproduction.  Every aspect of that ant’s life revolves around serving the Queen, until she dies or is killed viciously by the colony due to her disloyalty to them.

Apparently, there’s some type of communication going on between the queen ant and the worker ants on ‘subtle’ levels that we’re unable to directly perceive.

They don’t need to be in physical contact or proximity for this communication to occur; it takes place on a more ‘energetic’ level, outside the bandwidth of our three dimensional reality’s frequency range.

Because of this aspect of ‘non-locality,’ a different way to describe such ‘hypercommunication’ could be ‘quantum communication.’

The research into the heart mentioned above suggests that aside from on a ‘physical level’ alone, we humans can connect with each other through this kind of quantum communication as well (for example: when one person’s brain synchronizes with another person’s heart).

I found that particularly intriguing.  Have we forgotten how to connect with our hearts?  Are we all merely Queen ants looking to be served and fulfilled by someone or something? Or, instead are we loyal worker ants programmed to do our dutiful part in what’s perceived to be ‘the common good’?   In a questionable era where technology and narcissism meet face to face, what/who are we loyal to anymore besides ourselves?  Self importance, self-worth and self-significance has always been caveats to our cultural progress and growth, but it seems we’ve reached an all-time apex.   There’s a tipping point, and due to the rising cultural counterbalance, it’s tilting towards a more healthy perspective of life based on nurturing of community and collaboration.

To get a clear understanding of how this works, think of an ant colony, which appears to be coordinated through a particular form of this type of subtle communication:

When you examine the current propaganda circus of the upcoming US Presidential election, it’s no surprise that the coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games took a hit due to distractions of viewers tuning instead to the animations of Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton.  Why?  Because the welfare of the United States and the rest of the world is at stake.

Ants are selfless servants always looking out for their fellow ant.  They focus on the best outcome for the community and teach the art of self sacrifice and true service.  The Queen ant has wings and the ability of flight until fertilized.  Once fertilized she pulls off her own wings sacrificing her own flight for the birth of a newborn.

As we move into a higher consciousness and understanding of our purpose, which one best defines you and your contributions? Are you the worker ant providing the balance of a natural ecosystem to sustain the common good? Or, are you the Queen ant who demands to be served while sacrificing your wings of freedom for the greater sake of birth and the colony?

Whichever you decide, realize that symbolically the Ant is a tiny totem.  It teaches us how to release our egos and aligns us with the virtue of equality.  The next time you step on, squash, injure or kill an ant intentionally, as yourself why you are choosing to destroy the unconditional love that the ant shares so freely.  Valuable insights about yourself and your history can be learned from this tiny little totem.

In the meantime, get ready for your close up, and let’s join the narcissist’s parade!


*excerpts taken from (Power Animals: The Ant – Matthew James)

by ASK   

Al Shaw Ki is the founder, editor and publisher of TAoN Magazine.


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