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“Boom shaka laka yo here comes the Chief Rocka!” were the powerful opening lines of Mr. Funke, the other emcee of the classic 90’s hip hop trio Lords of the Underground or (L.O.T.U.G) based out of Newark, New Jersey.  Little did they know how prophetic these words would become nearly 30 years later.   Newark, NJ’s Dupre Kelly aka Doitall and Al Terik Wardrick aka Mr. Funke met Cleveland-native Bruce Colston aka DJ Lord Jazz at Shaw University in North Carolina in 1990.  Apparently the two rappers were looking for a DJ, so they hooked up with Jazz.  A friend of Doitall’s  introduced the group to legendary producer Marley Marl, who invited them to record at his studio with help from producer K-Def.  Before their debut album “Here Come The Lords” even appeared, the group placed three hit singles (“Psycho,” “Funky Child,” “Chief Rocka”) on the rap charts. By the end of 1993, The Lords had received an award from BET as best rap group of the year.

They released a follow up, “Keepers of the Funk” which peaked at 47 on Billboard 200 with three charting singles including “Tic Toc”.  They reunited for a third album with 1999’s “Resurrection” Released via Queen Latifah’s Jersey Kidz imprint, was so small-scale a release that few realized it had been recorded. The Lords returned again in 2007 for a fourth album entitled “House of Lords” but like Resurrection, it failed to reach the Billboard charts.

Since then, Doitall Dupre has appeared on Nas’ Golden Age tribute song “Where Are They Now?”   Dupre appeared briefly in the final scene of the final episode of The Sopranos credited as Du Kelly, as one of a series of potentially ominous figures entering the diner. He also appeared on other TV shows; Law & Order as Two Tone, on Oz the HBO series, and on the Christmas episode of 30 Rock on NBC (2008). He has also been in independent movies such as Somewhere in the City with Bai Ling, Rhyme and Reason, and with Treach of Naughty By Nature. He has also starred in an off Broadway play entitled Diss, Diss, & Diss, Dat.

photo courtesy The Star Ledger

These days, it appears as if entertainment isn’t the only thing keeping Mr. Kelly busy.  The Newark born rapper/actor will be using the mic and podium for political gain instead of beats and billboard hits.  On September 14, 2017, Dupre “Doitall” Kelly announced his candidacy for Council Member-at-Large for Newark City Council while in front of his childhood home of South 19th St. in Newark.  He’ll be running for the Chief Rocka City Council spot in this upcoming May election, turning the tables on the community more than a DJ ever could.

“It’s neighborhoods like this that I’m running for,” Kelly told at least two dozen supporters gathered outside his childhood home in Newark’s West Ward. “Most of us have given up the power of the ballot. I’m running because I want to encourage my neighbors to take back that power.” says Kelly.


This will be Kelly’s first time running for an elected seat. A product of Newark schools, Kelly said he wants to expand the arts and culture industry in Newark and invest in the city’s youth. His campaign slogan is “Do it all for Newark.”

photo courtesy of The Star Ledger

Raz Baraka announced his re-election bid in June 2017 along with eight of the nine incumbent council members that are running as part of Team Baraka. Central Ward Councilman Gayle Chaneyfield Jenkins is the only council member not on the team and is rumored to be considering a bid for mayor.  Kelly is confident that he will be elected for one of those Councilman seats along with the team.

“I never thought this would happen on 19th Street,” Kelly said, flanked by prominent members of the hip-hop community like Kangol Kid of UTFO and Crazy Legs of Rock Steady Crew. “This house I wrote some of my greatest hits in.”

photo courtesy The Star Ledger

“In this community, we haven’t always made the best choices,” Kelly said, standing at a podium set up in front of a light blue multi-family home on 19th Street. “But when people love their city, they can change it.”

Kelly is the CEO of 211 Media Group, a Newark-based media production and event planning company. He also co-founded 211 Community Impact, a nonprofit targeting youth that tackles issues of gun violence, mental health and literacy.

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Earlier this year, in celebration of the Martin Luther King Birthday Holiday, Kelly hosted a campaign-driven “Black & Old Gold Birthday Bash” supported by The Friends of Dupre Kelly on January 14th, 2018.

“A little bit of this, a little bit of that
Mixed a, little of this, and now I gotta rap
I’m the, Chief Rocka so I guess I am in charge
I freak it with a twist so you’ll boom it in your cars”  > (“Chief Rocka”
lyrics by Doitall )

For more information on the Doitall for Newark campaign visit


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