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Adrian Younge: Welcome to Retro-Tomorrowland


by TAoN

Cover photos by Al Shaw Ki

AdrianYounge Cover

At the dawn of a new era, where camps of burgeoning artists seek to identify their individuality and unique stature in the relevant matrix, we have appeared to reach somewhat of a crossroad.  Stuck somewhere between the instant-brewed gratification of “Trap” music and all of it’s playful, ignorant, drug and party induced lyrics, hooks and 808 kicks – the bridge of contemporary progression and authenticated musicians is packed with promise that all roads lead to gold.  It’s difficult enough just trying to identify one’s self in this quagmirical dystopia, yet alone succeed in identifying quality music.  Apparently, we are all just cattle for the feeding, and like any livestock, we simply eat what is fed when the dinner bell rings.


Enter Adrian Younge.  Younge is another bred of animal altogether.  A rebel.  A nonconformist.  He is poised to represent the distinction between an anomaly and a nexus.   His purist dedication to analog bandwidth and vintage acoustics are not only a testament to his sound, but a map or blueprint designed to take us into the future, while keeping one foot in the past.  In order to dignify this profundity and his throwback renaissance style of the 60’s and 70’s, he takes a galactic tour guide approach by recruiting some of the most provocative and distinctive voices in hip hop and soul music.


The Los Angeles based Fontana, California born Adrian Younge is priming the new canvas of leadership. He is a multi-instrumentalist, film editor and composer that taught as an entertainment law professor at the American College of Law, his higher learning alma mater in Orange County.  In accordance to Younge’s love of film, especially Italian cinema and music, he also directed Respond To Sound 2, a documentary film tracing the roots and evolution of African-American freestyle dance. 


Setting it off by editing and producing the Black Dynamite film Score inspired him to create his masterpiece templates including Venice Dawn: Something About April, his collaborative work with the Delfonic’s William Hart for Adrian Younge Presents: The Delfonics.  This inevitably led to working with Ghostface Killah on Twelve Reasons 2 Die and Jay Z’s Magna Carta…Holy Grail including “Picasso” and “Heaven”. Notwithstanding the mudslide of artists he began incorporating into his retro-now sample styles with artists such as DJ Premiere and Royce 5’9″ on PRyhme,  the Souls Of Mischief with There is Only Now, and Bilal’s In Another Life, all between the years 2007 and 2015.


Check out “New Soul Rebel” video…

Now, Younge’s latest release, Something About April II continues his warp speed through space, time and soul travel.  With the recent passing of Prince, that irony of that title was a little more than uncanny.

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